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what does it mean when u get really dizzy and break out in excessive sweat and have pins and needles all over

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asked in Other Health by anonymous

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It can mean many things, including glucose problems, circulatory issues, hormone imbalances, and stress...that's way to vague of a question for an accurate answer...
answered by michaelstigers (920 points)
Well it has been a number of times its happened . I also cant ffeel heat or cold on my legs and i feel fluid shiffting throught my body as well so any suggestions .... what that could be mind  u i am only 24 years olld
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I have peripheral neuropathy and I have these symptoms. Although it could possibly be anything neurological. It is imperative that you are seen by a doctor to determine the cause. Early diagnosis can actually reverse some forms of peripheral neuropathy.
answered by Toni

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