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how can you grow a longer thicker penis at home without medication?

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3 Answers

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Get some extra sleep. An hour of extra sleep a day will add up to extra energy. for work, play and sex. This can interfere with your ability to perform sexually.

Eat healthy. You will derive all kinds of benefits from a diet rich in vitamins and low in fat. Your organ will also be more likely to function at full capacity.

Exercise. Working out will improve the blood flow that results from a healthier heart, which in turn benefits your sexual organ.
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which exersis must do to incres penis tell me
Daily workout should be good enough. see below reply for penis exercise, "Kegel exercises are a perfect workout for the penis"
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1. Eat well, keep it hard: Simple changes in your diet can increase your libido and give you a harder erection. Foods like bananas, eggs, nuts, figs, chillies, onions, and wine can increase your sexual prowess. Word of caution: Steer clear of junk food.

2. Your penis needs exercise: Healthy men are always sexually active. Exercise is one of the best ways to increase your sex drive and sexual potency. It reduces stress which is an erection-killer, and helps enhance testosterone production in the body. Kegel exercises are a perfect workout for the penis.

3. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol: You must have heard this a million times, smoking and drinking can really affect your sexual life. Smoking decreases your blood circulation, and results in less lung capacity. It can impact your ability to get and maintain an erection. And alcohol can numb the body and lead to temporary erectile dysfunction.

4. Don't masturbate too often: Save something for a real sex. Excessive masturbation can decrease your sexual appetite. Continual erections and ejaculations may lead to weaker erection the next day. So, control the urge!

5. Know the right sex positions: Always warm up with oral sex. Sexual positions like missionary and doggy style allow more blood flow, leading to a stronger and harder erection. And don't ever let her ride you first!

6. Throw away those tight undergarments: Avoid wearing tight, or any, undergarments, for that matter, while sleeping. It restricts blood flow to the penile tissues which in turn can affect erection strength. Always go for loose, airy underwear.

Simply stop worrying about weak erections and lead a healthy sex life.
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Simply eat healthy tuna, salmon, eggs, milk, liver, sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, celery and food that has protein or increases blood flow will really help you get a stronger more robust penis.
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