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What are the side effects of Divya Mukta Vati which is used for High Blood Pressure?

I do experience nasal congestion especially in night because of this medicine. Do you face similar problem?
asked in Alternative Medicine by
are you sure it happened because of this medicine ????
yes nasal congestion and tiredness and lethargy i feel old very very old my strength is weakend but my BP Was under control.  I have stopped now  i need Vigour
Yes. I agree with him. I have same effect bit slightly.
Baba ramdev is a culprit I also use mukta vati and medha vati but medha vati is very dangerous to me.... I feel nasal congestion and chills with treamers for an year he is a big culprit. ..
Blurred vision after taking Mukta vati

26 Answers

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my blood pressure was 145/95 so I was taking 2 mukta vati tablets a day(morning and night), my blood pressure reduced to 120/80 within 2-3 days but I was facing nasal block problem so I reduced evening tablet, now also I feel nasal block but not much(I'm taking 1 tablet in the morning).
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Dear since how long you are taking one tablet in morning ?? Any side effects caused so far ?
It's the same me issue I faced. It took one yr to realize tablet was the culprit. My dose was 1 per day initially, later reduced to 1 in 3 days. Also as other mentioned pulse rate was around 65. I have stopped it since last 6 months. Now Pulse is 80. BP is normal.Taking telma20
Are you used Any other medicine  for BP
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i developed nasal congestion after taking mukta vati 2 tabs in  the morning about half an hour before breakfast . Nasal congestion is acute in night and its not possible to breath through nose.
answered by (210 points)
nasal congestion is common when you take mukta vati. even I experience. I dont know why it cause but you can reduce dose to 1 tablet and check.
I discussed this with Vaidya and he advised me to take Mukta Vati with warm water. It improved the situation a lot.
Okay thanks for ur advised reply.. With warm water but in morning or at night?
have it with warm milk and it would reduce the side effect even further.
I just started taking MV and yes works! Felt too weak, but was taking WITH a half blood pressure pill, doc said to stop the drug...off 2 days now....feel much better, almost normal, but not quite. Definately better. with MV my bl pr is 135/70, but just started taking 10 days ago. Take with warm milk i heard. I have a tiny fridge and no room for a half gallon of milk so i use can milk - evaporated that i use in my tea. I just take a tiny bit in a shot glass, take it with the MV, leave milk in mouth to get warm and then swallow it all. As a side note....anyone here got cats? I found that cats will go CRAZY over the smell of MV....i got 4 cats, 3 go wild and the other not interested. They will bite and claw and go wild! Put some MV pills in a small pill bottle and let them smell it....hold on tight to the bottle cuz they will rip it out of your hands and bite and scratch. I don't know why. It's SO funny! Be careful cuz they will try to eat the pills too! They seem to get very high off it!
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yes   acute nasal congestion is the side effect of Divya Mukta Vati         it is wrong  to say that ayurvedicmedicines do not have any side effects.
answered by
It is foolish for anybody to believe that any medicine ( whatever 'System/Pathy') will not have any side effect. If it has some effect, it has to have side effect.
take it with a lukewarm water and surely you wont face the same problem again, i was also facingthe same but now i dont feel any discomforts in breathing , if you go to a patanjali doctor ,they will also suggest you to take tablet with lukewarm water...
+1 vote
It is true that nasal congestion has happened with me as well.beside this it also creates breathing difficlties.
answered by
yes same problem with me but i dont know what is the true reason for this problem
Yes Its true that people feel Nasal Congestion after taking Mukta Vati. I took the tablet for 15 - 20 days. when I realise that the nasal congestion is due to this I stopped taking it. But for past 2 months the nasal congestion is still their. Don't know when it will go.
True, nasal congestion is a major side effect of Divya mutations vati, also it makes us more sensitive to cold, even though BPA comes to normal.I have been using this medicine since 3 months from now, previously it worked finer,but since last 10 days or so, nasal congestion started, now i will try taking it with warm water or cow's milk
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yes I have similar problem and have been taking Muktavati for almost an year
answered by
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I had very bad nasalcongetsion with Divyas MUKTA VATI
answered by
It seem that Ivy's Mukta Vati is better than Divyas. I've read that this person had a better experience with Ivy's.
For me it was the opposite and Divya's seemed better.  Both give nasal congestion. Taking anywhere from 1-3 grams of Vitamin C at the same time as Divya Mukta Vati seems to eliminate the nasal congestion problem.  Vitamin C does not appear to reduce the effectiveness of Mukta Vati. I wonder if this suggestion works with other people who experience nasal congestion.
+3 votes

Divya Mukta Vati

Divya Mukta vati  is good medicine for controlling blood pressure . But like every other medicine (ie allopathic ) for bp  it has side effects  too. I took Divya mukta vati for some time and I noticed following side effects.

1. nasal congestion , you will your nose is blocked specially when u trying lay down in bed.

2. The other side effect which i notice after taking muktawati for long time (over 1 year) . It makes your body very sensitive to cold. I remember earlier i can easily face cold upto 2- 3 degrees without getting any trouble . But after taking muktawati my body became very sensitive and i feel to shiver even at 10 degree which is not that tough cold. It will make your body more sensitive to cold.

For mostly people the dosage advised (ie 2 tablets in morning , empty stomach)  , i feel is very high. For starting this dosage is okay . But after few days reduce it to 1 tablet at morning and than after few days reduce it to 1/2 tablet daily.  

To my experience, only half tablet in morning is good enough to control your blood pressure . With that one must do pranayam and other exercise  to  get rid of nasal congestion and cold sensitivity problem.

Remember ayurvedic medicine are different from allopathic medicines. So they cant be just taken in same way. Ayurveda medicine  always require supportive lifestyle modification to make it work effectively. But its definitely more safer than allopathic medicines.

answered by
Please take Divya Mukta Vati with warm COW MILK to avoid side effects. I had started DMV last week on detecting of High BP.
whats your pulse rate because mine dropped a lot.
decrease the dose
My pulse rate before taking Mukta Vati, was 85-90 bpm which was too high, my blood pressure was also too high 165/ 95. After taking Mukta vati, 2 tabs in the morning, my blood pressure lowered to normal levels and my pulse rate lowered, all was well. However, I feel my pulse rate has lowered to the point that I am not getting enough oxygen into my blood. I was at a social gathering last night and felt extremely unwell, my heart was fluttering ( this was NOT a panic attack ) and I felt the need to walk about to almost "Kick start" my heart !!! I came back to normal relatively quickly, but am going to reduce the Mukta Vati to see if my heart rate improves, I was on the brink of asking someone to call an ambulance I felt that ill. I think you need to monitor your blood pressure and pulse and modify the dose to manage your symptoms. I used to suffer from moderate congestion, but now am fine, any moderate congestion is quite acceptable for me, the benefits of Mukta Vati are considerable, but with my recent "heart scare", as I said , I will only take one a day from now on and monitor the effects. I am 58 and a small lady 5ft 1", so maybe the higher dose is too much for me given my stature ? This is just a thought, but maybe stature doesn't come into it ?, I'd be interested to hear what other's think.
I talked to my holistic MD and he said lower number is ok as long as it does not go below 50. My lower number is like 60 and top number like 130. He also said that when the bl pr goes down AND the pulse goes down we will feel weak. It's normal., but i guess better than having a stroke or heart attack. My neighbor at corner was age 60 had major heart attack and died quick. I don't know if he took drugs for it.
The other problem with low blood pressure is that after we ALL eat our bl pr goes down while digesting the food so if it's low at other times it will be much lower after eating...usually 20 min to an hr after eating a fair size meal. And then we feel very weak and want to lay down. I was very weak, but two days now stopped the drug pill Verapamil and am feeling less weak. Drugs are horrible.
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To resolve nose congestion problem, Take
Before food: Divya Mukta vati
After food : Divya Medha vati
Dosage of both tablet  should be same
One will never get nose congestion/cold/etc problem with this.

- Muralidhara
answered by
Taking anywhere from 1-3 grams of Vitamin C at the same time as Mukta Vati seems to eliminate the nasal congestion problem.  Vitamin C does not appear to reduce the blood pressure lowering ability of Mukta Vati. I wonder if this suggestion works with other people.
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yes i do. prior to taking this tablet i never had such stuffy nose syndrome. i was a healthy person with regard to breathing and lungs. but after taking this tablet for 2 weeks it is turning out be a full blown sinucitis. i suspect the culprit is the preservative ingredients used in the tablet. but don't know for sure. ram
answered by
I have no side effects and have been taking over a year.   I think many people can have nasal problems in the cold....could be seasonal.  Also as far as ulcers - could be you've had them for a long time.  Personally, I do very well on this.
I agree--no problems with nasal congestion at all.  I have taken it for 7 months and only experienced 10 pounds weight gain after maintaining my previous weight for 15 years.  Anyone have weight gain issues?
I also have 10 pounds weight gain within 1 year of use.
In my family three of us taking mukta vati regularly and observed significant wt. Gain.
Thats crazy there is nothing in there that should cause weight gain, that would mean somehow it is slowing your metabolism
Ingredients such as brahmi shankhapushpi gajwa can increase body weight
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I've been taking DMV for more than a year and found it effective for the treatment of HBP.  The side effect, after quite a few months, has been nasal congestion esp at night when you lay down to rest.
I'm reducing to 1 pill daily as my BP has been controlled.
answered by
i started taking mukta vati a year ago and it has wokred very well om my bp but i lost sense of smell, its been a year and i dont smell anything, has anyone lost sense of smell otaking mukta vati ?
I never heard anyone complaining about smell, I know many people take Mukta vati but all complained about nasal congestion.

Have you started any other medication or made any changes in your diet? that might impact.
I too realize that I have lost the sensitivity to smell and nasal congestion after consuming Divya Mukta Vati for almost 4-5 months,
In addition, my pulse rate is also low after taking This vati. I am having 60 to 68 pulse rate after taking Divya mukta vati for 4-5 months
same problem, my pluse rate also below 60 around 54.
what I wanna know is is co q10 better the same or worse anyone know
Hi,I'm 50+,and using mdv for around 10years now.nassel congestion is common.I also feel some depression also.But my bp is well controlled.
My holistic doc said that even 50 pulse rate is ok. He is a real MD who turned holistic.
I'm also 50+. Taking anywhere from 1-3 grams of Vitamin C at the same time as Divya Mukta Vati seems to eliminate the nasal congestion problem.  Vitamin C does not appear to reduce the effectiveness of Mukta Vati. I wonder if this suggestion works with other people who experience nasal congestion.